Neko Season 1 Official Launch 24/12/2021

What lies beyond the world that we know?

Nekoverse, resting lands of all Nekos, relentlessly torn apart by yet a mysterious force and casted into various parts within the Nekoverse. These 8 mystic realms has been ever since ruled by most powerful Ancient Nekos, yet the rise of wretched elemental Neko armies are determined to restore the balance to the hereafter.


The Reign of the Elements


Fostered with various abilities and skills that is unique to its own kind


Invaded by species unknown to the Nekoverse, these colonists are armed with powerful psionic technologies. Having dispatched their most elite troops to establish their territories on Nekoverse, their Cryo Chamber Lab, storing fertilized eggs and frozen embryos, is a domain of endless mutant forms to all Nekos


Merging Neko with different elements will result in all-new Neko breed


The Reign of the Elements

10.000 Neko NFT - Public minting Christmas 2021



Phase 1

Idealizing Nekoverse

Neko Character Concept Art
Nekoverse Chronicle Game concepts
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Roadmap v1 Announcement
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Phase 2

Neko NFT Season 1

Listing on Solanart
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Nekoverse Chronicle Game Mechanics Refining
Neko Lab - Breed your own Nekos
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Phase 3

Nekoverse Chronicle Release

Nekoverse Token IDO
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Nekoverse Chronicle game release
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Phase 4

Nekoverse Expansion

More utilities for Neko NFT (hint: mobile PvP)

Frequently asked questions


As we all noticed, GameFi is the new crypto paradigm that’s redefining how we play in the future. Or nah?
Regardless of being a Game or GameFi, whether it’s Play-to-Have-fun or Play-to-Earn, it should all follow a methodology, a concept, a storyline, a character, more characters, a refinement, a test, and if everything falls apart, you start all over again until you nail the final delivery. And only lastly, we think of the “Earn” part: the economy within the game’s universe.
It’s all Art and Science. The Science is to champion the Play, not the Earn. And the Art is the perfect balance you keep between the two.
Our team at Nekoverse Chronicle believe that Play-to-Earn is much more than just a trend, it’s the evolution that has much more room to grow, and only those that truly treasure the PLAY will live on for their audience to keep EARNING. (It’s true, GameFi fans). Thus, Nekoverse Chronicle was created with a vision to bring a whole new GameFi genre.
“Mass Multiplayer GameFi”
We believe that in the new age, game should not only be created with fans in mind, but reversely, the fans should have the right to impact the concept, the storyline, the gameplay, and to cut the story short, the output of the game.
NekoVerse Chronicle is a mass multiplayer community driven game. This Game, like NFTs, is designed to give you something that can’t be copied: ownership. Beside single sense of pride of owning your NFT, you will be able to contribute alongside the process, and the whole community (we call each other Nekozens) together will be counting down till the day our work will be aired. This way, we can make sure that Nekoverse Chronicle is built not just for crypto-enthusiasts, but also for game geeks (just as we are).
Proudly, Nekoverse Chronicle is unlike any other Play-to-Earn Games you have experienced, because it was created by Gamers, for Gamers.
It's a resounding Yes! Head-up to over to our Roadmap above to see what's coming.
You absolutely don't want to miss this. Head over to Nekoverse's Discord Channel to find out how to participate!
Certainly on this website. The minting will be available close to public sale date and will be announced on Nekoverse's social channels.
NekoVerse Chronicle is a mass multiplayer community driven game. The community will continuously participate in contributing to the game. The launch date will be announced within Q4 2021.
That would be 4 days after the public sale!